Set Options
  • DWF Options and Colors Tab
    • DWF Quality:
      Allows you to set the quality of the DWF file.
    • DWF Format:
      Set the format of the DWF file.
    • DWF Version:
      Set the version of your DWF file. The DWF 6 format supports multi-sheet DWF files, enabling you to include all layouts from a drawing in one DWF file.
    • Background color:
      Set the background color of your DWF file.
    • Overwrite existing:
      Allows you to choose between "Replace original" and "Rename (automatically increment the filename)".

  • SHX and XRef Directories Tab
    If the text quality is not good or the program fails to find the Xref, image, Excel or other file, please add the related directories to the directory list.

  • Output Layout Tab
    • Model Space
      Output the model space.
    • All Layouts
      Output all layouts.
    • All Paper Spaces
      Output all paper spaces.
    • Last Active Layout
      Output the last active layout.
    • Output by Layout Name
      Output the specifically layout.

  • Line Width (Pen Width) Tab
    Set the line width of your DWF file. It supports CAD default line weight and line width scale. The default line width is fine for the screen display but small/thin for print. If you want to use the DWF for print purposes, please set the scale to 4, 6, 8 or above. For screen display purposes, please set it to 1.

  • DWF Properties Tab
    Allows you to set the author, title, subject, keywords, copyright, description summary field for the DWF file.



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